Dried Meat

Dried meat

Clean label solutions for dried meat products
Dried meat

Prosur has studied the components of fruit and spice extracts for over 20 years and has designed a powerful range of all-natural solutions for pathogen protection and shelf life extension of dried and fermented meat products.

Discover our range of natural preservatives:

The Mediterranean as always been a stronghold of unique and inspiring flavors. Our food scientists and culinary staff form a multidisciplinary team that can rely on a profound expertise of meat flavor systems. Prosur provides the food industry with a wide range of high performance (natural) flavors that give your products an identity in line with your production needs.

Our team is dedicated to deliver maximum guarantees of quality, speed and service. We offer exclusive products to the food industry, custom-made for each application.

  • Chorizo Flavor
  • Dried Sausage Flavor
  • Salami Flavor

For many meat eaters color is an indicator of freshness. Undoubtedly, visual appearance determines consumer perception of the product’s quality. Consequently, packaging and color are decisive in the consumer’s purchasing decisions. If consumers don’t see the right color of meat, they might think that the product is less fresh or that is has lost nutritional value.

Many meat producers use artificial colors to enhance the visual appeal of their products. Nevertheless, the current demand for healthier, more natural foods is a leading trend that urges producers to clean up the labels of meat products.

Prosur developed a line of savory blends that are made from edible Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts with naturally derived coloring properties that improve the meat’s visual appeal and keep its flavor. The blends of these lines do not contain any raw material from animal origin. They are physically processed in a traditional way.

With livestock prices at their current level, producers are looking for ways to reduce the costs of the final product, without lowering the quality of their product. Prosur has solutions that make it possible to save money on raw material, while offering the consumer the same pleasurable experiences when they purchase and consume your meat products.

Our texturized proteins are versatile meat extenders and meat analogues. They are low cost products with a high nutritional value that reduce fat and cholestorol content in the final product. They are easy to cook and their protein content is equal to that of meat.

  • Soya bean
  • Animal
  • Pea