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Av. Jose Lopez Portillo 250, Multipark Bodega No.6, (54948) San Mateo Cuautepec, Tultitlan, Estado de México, México


PRS PHR is a unique & versatile natural flavor for meats, fish & poultry.
Its flavor profile is designed to give a rich, balanced body with satisfying, juicy tones

Applications include:

  • Fresh products such as hamburgers or minced meat by direct addition.
  • Cooked products such as cooked ham, cooked chicken breast, roast beef by injection or tumbling of the brine.

Contact us for application specific information.

Key highlights

  • Replace vegetal and animal proteins and fibers in fresh and cooked products.
  • Clean label – Ingredient statement: natural flavor.
  • Ease of use (suitable for injection of brine, tumbling and direct addition).