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An extremely versatile line of natural antioxidants

NAT-2-OX is a synergistic natural blend of Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts, created to prevent oxidative degradation of food products in oxidative atmospheres and sauces and dressings.
The antioxidant power of nature

Prosur designed a powerful range of natural extracts from edible Mediterranean fruits, plants and spices such as Rosmarinus officinalis and Citrus Spp. NAT-2-OX is an extremely versatile line of natural antioxidants that is designed to work on the three different oxidation mechanisms to improve the stability of food fats and oils.

The NAT-2-OX extracts are a water and oil soluble clean label solution to maintain your product’s original freshness, flavor, and odor for a longer period of time than would otherwise be possible.

NAT-2-OX improves the overall quality of your product and extends its shelf life. Its functional properties, its antioxidant activity and its total phenolic components are standardized and controlled to guarantee consistent performance.

We highlight two types of products in NAT-2-OX range:

  • NAT-2-OX 4W: Applications include fresh and processed meat, poultry and fish products, confectionary, pet food, hot and cold sauces and bakery.
  • NAT-2-OX HFPG: Applications include hot and cold sauces, dressings and fresh meat.

Contact us for application specific information.

Key highlights

  • Pure, highly powerful natural antioxidant.
  • Enhanced shelf life (Prevents oxidative color and flavor degradation and Prevents rancidity).
  • Natural alternative for EDTA, BHT and BHA.
  • Natural solution to mixed tocopherols and vitamin E.
  • Clean sensory profile.
  • Customer friendly clean label. Declaration: natural flavor.
  • Oil & Water soluble.
  • Low application rate.
  • Reasonable cost in use.