Shelf Life Extension

Shelf Life Extension

Extend the life of your products with our innovative solutions

Shelf life is paramount for the cost effectiveness of the food industry. Thanks to innovative solutions of shelf life extension, the food industry has expanded over the last decades.

The possibility to deliver high quality foods to consumers at short, medium and long distances has had a huge impact on their production, processing, distribution, sale and consumption. Shelf life extension can pilot a company easily to the pole position in the battle of that all important market share.

Fresh meat

A solution for every need

Prosur makes sure that all its natural solutions have a significant impact on shelf life extension of fresh, frozen, dried and cooked foods.

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Consumers are increasingly pushing for more natural ways of food production. Before the product ends up in the shopping cart, the list of ingredients is thoroughly studied. Consumers look for healthy, natural food that is minimally processed. Naturalness has become a requisite for our daily food.

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Prosur has studied the components of fruit and spice extracts for over 20 years and has designed a powerful range of all-natural solutions for pathogen protection and shelf life extension of cooked and fresh meat products. Prosur launched as well a revolutionary nitrite replacer for natural meat products (with no hidden nitrates). Prosur products are label friendly, commercially viable and easy to use.

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