Allergen Free

Allergen Free

Every day more and more households worldwide suffer from food allergies, celiac disease or must avoid gluten. Past generation were less conscious and informed about common allergens such as gluten, nuts, dairy or sulfites, but nowadays we are more concerned about what we eat and its effects on our health. Lactose free yoghurt, gluten free bread and biscuits without traces of nuts … every day more foods can be found in supermarkets that listen to the dietary needs of allergy sufferers. While meat might not necessarily be the typical allergen culprit, many products might in fact contain triggers for allergen sufferers.

In the food industry, there is a growing consciousness and interest to produce safe foods that tackle as many food issues as possible. Increasingly, meat processors launch allergen and gluten free products. Apart from a solid allergen program, to avoid cross contamination during production, manufacturers need allergen free ingredients and additives.

Prosur’s food scientists have a profound experience in the reformulation of food products to make them allergen free. We are specialists in providing all-natural, allergen free solutions that extend the shelf life of your meat products, protect against food borne pathogens, and improve the cook yield, texture or color.

Allergen free

We do not use any allergen ingredients in our solutions

Allergens free