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Naturally extended shelf life for cooked or fresh meat and poultry

PRS-DV-5 is a dry vinegar that is designed to extend the shelf life of cooked meat and poultry products in a natural way without negatively affecting sensory or quality attributes of the final product
A natural alternative

PRS-DV-5 is an all-natural food safety solution made from buffered dehydrated vinegar for the intervention of Listeria monocytogenes, moulds, yeasts and other foodborne pathogens in processed meat and poultry, as well as some fresh meat applications. PRS-DV-5 helps manufacturers develop safe, clean-label product and helps to obtain Alternative 2 status for RTE meats. PRS-DV-5 is s a dry, free-flowing powder that is water-soluble so that it can be directly added, injected, tumbled, or sprayed.

Applications include cooked meat (Frankfurter sausages, hotdogs, (un)cured ham, luncheon meats, deli meats, …) and poultry applications ((un)cured turkey, marinated chicken, …). Contact us for application specific information.

Key highlights

  • Helps to get Alternative 2 status for RTE meats.
  • Shelf life extension: protects against microbial spoilage, color retention.
  • Ease of use (suitable for injection of brines, direct addition, surface application).
  • Very low flavor/odor profile.
  • Clean label (Ingredient statement: dried vinegar).
  • Low application rate (0.6-1.5% in final product).
  • Logistical advantages (freight, storaging).